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Latin names reflect traditions, way of life. Their original meaning has been lost. But thanks to widespread distribution, they received a new life. The male name consisted of generic and personal. In some cases, a nickname or genus name was added. Only four sons were given personal names, the younger ones were distinguished by numbers. Generic names resembled modern surnames and denoted belonging to the genus. Latin names have an interesting and confusing history. Many of them praise the gods. So the parents paid tribute to the higher powers and asked for protection for the child. Some names of cities, known provinces, are firmly settled in the name list.

There are a lot of borrowings from other languages among Latin names. There were few male personal names among the Latin ones - basically they were given only to the first three sons, and the rest were named by their ordinal number. Nicknames, which were assigned for a variety of reasons, from character traits to appearance, could also become a name. For some time, women in ancient Rome were not given names at all: instead of them, nicknames were used, often formed from the names of genera. Later they began to be named after muses and goddesses.

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