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The Mandalorians are a tough race of races who hide their faces behind stylish helmets with T-shaped visors. According to the Star Wars series of films, the viewer was familiar with only two representatives of the Mandalorians, similar to ordinary people - Django and Boba Fett. Originally Legends believed that the Children of Mandalore were a nomadic warrior people who lived by a strict code of honor and regularly clashed with everyone, including the Jedi. The Mandalorians were of different races and genders, and they got their name in honor of their leader, Mandalore the First. In honor of him, they named the planet on which the people settled after they killed the local reptiles.

The Mandalorians couldn't live without war. They considered it the will of the gods, and therefore often went to bloody battles, sometimes even massacring entire nations. During the Great Sith War, the Mandalorians severely battered the Republic by raiding Coruscant. Following Boba Fett's success in Empire, fans expected Return of the Jedi to cement the character's iconic status. George Lucas seems to have even promised that in the final part of the trilogy, the silent bounty hunter will have more screen time. Alas, in the end, Fett ingloriously disappeared into the jaws of the Sarlacc. However, the hero's popularity did not diminish.

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