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Why do you may need a Middle name

Double names began to be given to children already in ancient times. Many peoples have a tradition of giving a child two names, which, due to historical reasons, have developed certain national traditions. Each person has an earthly (everyday) name and a true (secret, spiritual) name. The true name of a person is a sound expression of his essence. It is believed that, having learned the true name of a person, you automatically gain some kind of power over him. When you know the sound of someone's essence, any of your words addressed to this person becomes a word of power for him.

The middle name exists in many countries, but plays different roles. As statistics show, absolutely all English children at birth receive two names at once (first name + middle name). In England, the middle name is a custom. Once there was a tradition, the essence of which was that a newborn child received several personal names at once. Today you can often find in an Englishman not only a middle name, but even a third or fourth. This is a long tradition followed by almost all English families. More often than not, you will meet people with four middle names than without them at all. In modern English law, there is simply no such law that would limit the number of middle names. Therefore, parents in this country can give their children as many middle names as they want. But there is an unspoken rule that there should be no more than four middle names.

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