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Why do you may need a Monster name

There are beings that are different from others. They can be dangerous, deadly, or just plain evil, intimidating, or a little weird. At the thought of them, we shudder, and it does not matter if they live in our imagination or in the neighborhood. But what makes a monster a monster? Take animals, for example. Some of us may seem monstrous, to others beautiful. What scares us is fascinating at the same time. A monster is a scary creature, usually aggressive. This stamp is older than dirt - even cavemen painted on the walls along with ordinary animals such that no one would want to leave the caves in their place. Any frightening, unbearably disgusting, or simply dangerous creature can be considered a monster. Found anywhere, especially in horror, thrillers, science fiction and fantasy. And, of course, do not forget that the most terrible monster is the one that wears a human skin.

The monster is often a type of grotesque creature whose appearance is frightening and whose destructive power threatens the social or moral order of the human world. The monster may also look like a human, but in folklore they are usually depicted as a lower class, like mutants, warped, supernatural, and otherworldly. Monster animals do not obey the moral order, but sometimes occur due to human violation of the moral law. Monster; frightening, strong, disgusting creature with superhuman capabilities. Where do monsters come from? The very existence of similar creatures for many people seems unrealistic, going into the realm of legends and various superstitions.

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