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A nation is a political phenomenon that emerges in modern times. The nation is preceded by a centralized state, in the interests of which to increase its mobilization capabilities and unify human life in order to make it easier to beat taxes out of people. For these purposes, it uses uniform school education, military conscription, which uses a common military uniform, and other ways to unify human life. For modern people, nationality is considered one of the main concepts for their personal identification. However, the essence of this concept and the history of its origin are not known to everyone. It is also important to understand what is the difference between nation and nationality. To establish similarities and differences, it is important to understand in detail the concepts under consideration.

A nation is a historical community of people, formed in the course of the formation of a community of their territory, economic ties, literary language, some of the features of culture and character that make up its features. A nation is an ethno-social group of people aware of the formation of a community, sharing common cultural and spiritual values, tied to a clearly limited territory, having a common past, a common project for the future and the right to self-government. So, awareness, territory, history and culture, language and religion are important in defining a nation. However, in the real world, it is rare to find a nation with a clear and uniform character in terms of this list of attributes. Each nation is unique in its (supposed) composition, its own special character and merits. One of the most important questions is whether a group of people must - and to what extent - be aware of their perceived difference from other groups in order to be classified as a nation.

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