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Night Elves, Kaldorei - One of the most ancient races of Azeroth. They are tall, physically robust creatures with dark bluish skin, long ears, and eyes that shine with dim light. Night elves revere nature and night, worshiping the moon goddess Elune, therefore they tend to lead a nocturnal lifestyle, unlike most other intelligent races. Another difference can also be distinguished - the warriors of the Kaldorei, like the priests, are mainly women. This is due to their matriarchal past - when the most prestigious professions were the lot of the beautiful (however, far from the weaker) sex, there was not much left for men. For hundreds of years, the night elf civilization has evolved. The capital city of Elundris (Eye of Elune) was built around the Well of Eternity. While studying the secrets of the Well, the Night Elves mastered Arcane Magic. The first sorcerers appeared. Thanks to magic, they erected incredible temples and began to develop at times faster. Queen Azshara became their first significant leader.

The Night Elves are a mystery. On the one hand, they are a very, very old race. Not as old as the draenei, of course, but it is enough that elves appeared before almost all other races of Azeroth. They acquired immortality at the end of the War of the Ancients and lost it by the end of the third war. Therefore, if you need to find a really old night elf who has seen it even in ancient times, the task will be quite easy. The night elves are one of the many elven peoples that inhabit the vastness of Azeroth. And, unlike these newfangled void elves, the Kaldorei are solid people. It was the Kaldorei who were the first and most ancient elves of Azeroth, it was the Kaldorei who were the first among all the indigenous peoples of Azeroth who began to study arcane magic, it was the Kaldorei who almost destroyed all of Azeroth.

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