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Scandinavian names are very diverse and have a rich history of origin. In the Scandinavian countries, their names are now popular. Biblical and Germanic roots are also used here. Most of the names come from the earliest Germanic roots dedicated to totem animals. However, the Scandinavians did not always use personal names, for any enemy, knowing the true name, can jinx you or damage you. Personal names were often used only within the family. Nicknames were much more common. Here the field for imagination is even wider. Nicknames were given from a person's appearance, character or origin, as well as from any memorable detail inherent in a particular person. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that without a nickname it would be difficult to distinguish from each other five different Olafs living in the same fjord.

Scandinavia ... An endless mountain world, interrupted by deep fjords and dense forests. Home of trolls, sagas, myths and great warriors, whose names, strong and sonorous, reflect the essence of this harsh land. These names, which have come from time immemorial, are given to their children by modern Scandinavians, passing on the original flavor and traditions of their ancestors from generation to generation. Scandinavians are a people who responsibly choose names for their children. In ancient times, people believed that a person's name would determine his fate. Old Norse is the language of the Germanic tribes who lived in the south of the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Jutland Peninsula. It emerged from the Proto-Germanic language at the beginning of the 3rd century. Subsequently, it was brought to the north of Scandinavia and Iceland.

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