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Most of the ancient Scandinavian literary monuments that have come down to us are written in Old Norse, which is also sometimes called Old Norse (in English literature - Old Norse). Therefore, Old Icelandic is considered the classic language of Germanic studies. Residents of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland have Scandinavian names. Modern names are formed from Germanic and biblical roots, and the names of the Viking era were given according to the animal - totem. The names of the Scandinavians changed with the passage of time and the nickname with which the people called their fellow tribesman and completely supplanted the name received at birth from the memory. It was not customary to use surnames.

The history of the geographical region of Scandinavia covers several modern countries in northern Europe and its peoples - Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Finland and Iceland in the English-speaking states are considered part of Scandinavia. Everywhere has its own characteristics, but the common history is noticeable in traditions and names. The Scandinavian names that are used in the Old Norse language have the same origin and are based on the rich epic of the northern region. The ancient Nordic or Proto-Scandinavian language belongs to the Indo-European group and developed from Proto-Germanic, which was spoken in Scandinavia from the first centuries AD to the 8th century. This language was spoken during the Viking Age from about 700-1300 AD. Iceland and Norway spoke Old West Norwegian, the Swedes and Danes used the Old East Norwegian dialect, and a third Old Gutinian dialect existed on the island of Gotland.

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