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As with other peoples of Scandinavia, traditional Scandinavian names are very popular among Norwegians. In general, Norwegian naming legislation is extremely liberal. In fact, a child can be called any word that comes to mind. Some Norwegians take full advantage of this freedom. Pronunciation and correct transmission of Norwegian names in Cyrillic is a very difficult question. Despite the fact that in Norway there are as many as two official variants of the Norwegian literary language (buxmol and nynorsk), neither of which, by the way, has a single orthoepic standard, there are a huge number of dialects in the country, the speakers of which do not always understand each other. In addition, the reading rules in both Bokmål and nynorsk are quite complex. In Norway, in addition to the names familiar to the ear, you can hear the echoes of the ancient Scandinavian dialects. Cold fjords and amazing legends that the whole world knows, create an amazing land of the Vikings. Men were as strong as Odin, women were sometimes not inferior to the Valkyries in courage - the names reflected their way of life, preserved to this day.

Norway is a state in Northern Europe, located in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and on a huge number of adjacent small islands, as well as the Spitsbergen (Svalbard) archipelago, Jan Mayen and Bear Islands in the Arctic Ocean. The official language is Norwegian. Sometimes Norwegians, who live in different parts of the country and speak different dialects, cannot understand each other and pronounce the names incorrectly. The history of the origin of Norse names dates back to pagan times, when tribes worshiped the Scandinavian pantheon of gods. Even then, popular names were the names of divine objects or powers.

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