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Select the appropriate options and settings as needed

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Why do you may need an NPC name

MMORPG is an online role-playing game in which a large number of players take part. This game combines the genres of role-playing games and the genre of massive online games. In MMORPGs and in other similar games, a large number of people intersect precisely within the framework of an online game, being in virtuality. Many computer games give us the opportunity to create our own unique characters, customize their appearance, choose characteristics and, of course, give them a name. Some players quickly come up with a name for a character, while others choose a nickname for their hero for a long time and carefully, with whom they will spend many hours in the game. How do you choose an interesting and memorable name?

The names are organized there by type, source and frequency. The type can be male names, female names, and sometimes surnames and titles. The source can be a game, an out-of-game book, or information about names mentioned only in play books. Probably, everyone who has ever played a game like the Sims had such a problem as coming up with a name for the character. So let's mentally fast forward to this wonderful time

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