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Countless hordes of narrow-eyed half-beasts, long-armed, bent beasts flood a good half of the fantasy universes. They trample crops, burn villages, rape cattle - they do all the dirty work of fierce and less-intelligent antagonists entrusted to them by the authors. Who are they, where did they come from? Orcs, goblins and a dozen other names - similar, like twins, distant relatives and completely different biological species - they are firmly established in fantasy worlds and sometimes penetrate both space fiction and alternative modernity. Orcs are the most numerous enemies in Tolkien's universe. They regularly become opponents of all free peoples of Middle-earth, not excluding the hobbits. Their ferocity and cruelty knows no bounds.

In the modern sense, they first appeared in the works of Tolkien, and there goblins in particular belonged to them. But in subsequent fantasy, they are usually different races (although they may be related in some way). If the goblins, like any other mythical company, have a rather different image, then in the orcs it mainly dances around the literary source: a humanoid people with a frightening appearance (often with green skin and fangs sticking out of the lower jaw), belligerent in character, driving around on wolves. The canonical version is considered, in which the orcs descend from the elves distorted by sorcery and torture. Even in ancient Roman mythology, the god Pluto was sometimes called Orcus, that is, Orc. Even then, this word was associated with something alien, with something not from our world. The Orcs of Middle-earth are described as dark-skinned, mutilated creatures of the size of a man of the human race, with pointed ears and fanged maws, the main weakness of which is a significant loss of strength in daylight (due to their creation under cover of night).

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