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Tabletop Pathfinder The card game: Return of the Rune Lords was released in 2013 as a card version of the adventure RPG Pathfinder, which developed in turn from the legendary Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. The peculiarity of this adventure toy is that its basic set is something like a game engine, and the development of the plot takes place at the expense of separately purchased sets. At the same time, the adventures that are part of these sets must be completed in a certain sequence, and the progress of the characters is saved, and they meet each new adventure with the skills and abilities they acquired earlier.

One of the key features of board role-playing games is the ability to rely on your own imagination. The players and the host create their own worlds, characters, events and adventures. Today, the main characters went to an ancient dungeon, which is guarded by an evil black dragon, and tomorrow they will attend a royal reception, where it is necessary to expose the impostor magician. The vast list of genres, styles, and game systems opens up endless creativity. As many fans know, the role-playing board game Pathfinder, a successor to Dungeons & Dragons, has received a long-awaited sequel. Now, to go through scenarios, and even entire campaigns in the fantasy world of Golarion, you can sit down at a table anywhere in the world without a game master and plunge into adventures and battles with monsters. In each new party, you can take on a new character, so decide who you start: Wizard, Dodger, Pathfinder, Sorcerer, Bard, Priest or Warrior.

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