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A pseudonym is a name that is used by a person or group of people instead of a proper name; a fictitious anthroponym, with which the author replaces his real name, in a written text or public activity (art, politics). Pseudonyms should not be confused with new names of people, which replace the old ones and become permanent. Aliases are temporary names used only in certain contexts and generally accepted for the purpose of hiding a person's identity. The use of pseudonyms in a creative environment is common and familiar. Often, pseudonyms are taken if the native name and surname are discordant, too long, or simply do not want to perform under their own name and surname. In the past, pseudonyms allowed them to hide their identity and protect their lives, if the author, for example, was engaged in criticizing the authorities.

Until the 20th century, i.e. some miserable 100-120 years ago, women writers were not taken seriously, readers preferred to see exclusively men among the authors. This was the kind of anti-feminism that came out. As a result, women had to use male names. First of all, the pseudonym is taken by authors who, for one reason or another, their own name seems not sonorous and not suitable for setting in the title of the book. But more often than not. a pseudonym is an attempt to find freedom for an already well-known author and hide for those who are not yet known to the world, afraid to make a mistake, to incur the wrath of critics. Many creative people take a pseudonym to protect themselves from negative psychological and energetic influences and in order not to become a publicly recognizable person.

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