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It is often customary to either surround pirates with a romantic halo, or tarnish with dark stories. From noble and freedom-loving knights of the sea, they easily turn into bloodthirsty maniacs with rusty sabers on leaky ships. The last part, by the way, does not carry a single drop of truth - pirates' ships, as a rule, were kept in perfect condition. Large and tiny, powerful and maneuverable - all these ships, as a rule, were built for completely different purposes, but sooner or later ended up in the hands of the corsairs. Some ended their careers in combat, others were resold, others were drowned in storms, but they all somehow glorified their captains and owners.

Ship, flag and appearance - only these three things could put a pirate above the rest of the world. A fast ship, a flag with a bad reputation, and an intimidating appearance - this is what was often enough for the enemy to surrender without a fight. When success depends on how much fear you manage to catch up on the victim, these three things were important, and they also served as a testament to the pirate's luck. Pirates went down in history as completely ambiguous characters. Some see them as romantics, cutting through the ocean waves, others as robbers and murderers who know no bounds in the desire for profit. However, the only common association for all is the majestic frigates, at the helm of which were the legendary corsairs. The pirate ship performed several functions at once. It was a barracks for the crew as well as a storehouse for trophies. Since the number of pirate crews usually outnumbered those of ordinary ships, there was often not enough space on the ships. The pirate ship was a battleship, so it had to carry powerful cannon armament. In addition, the pirates not only attacked, but they often had to get away from the pursuit, so the ship had to have increased speed.

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