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The universe of Pokémon Go is full of different creatures that you will meet at every step, here is a table of the evolution of Pokémon. Some of them will become familiar to users, however, the existence of some characters may not be known at all. Pokemon is shorthand for Pocket Monsters, meaning pocket monsters. Pokémon come in different elements: normal (ordinary), fire, water, electric, magical, herbal, dark, psychic, insect, stone, ghost, dragon, steel, ice, combat, poisonous, earth, and there are flying Pokémon. Within the framework of these elements, Pokémon manifest certain abilities. But there are Pokemon that have several elements combined. If you are interested in the question of who Pokemon are and why they are caught, or you just want to know various interesting facts related to this phenomenon, then this article is definitely for you.

In 1996, a Japanese game designer named Satoshi Tajiri created a character he called a Pokemon. In the late nineties, this hero gained such popularity that he almost overtook Mario himself. In the late nineties, in almost all schools, children collected tokens with images of these creatures. Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes that live in nature next to humans. Most Pokémon cannot speak and can only say their name. At the moment, the Pokémon universe is inhabited by over 700 creatures. Pokémon are taken care of by their owners, they are called trainers. As you play, Pokémon grow, gain experience, and sometimes even evolve into stronger Pokémon.

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