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Why do you may need a Random Fantasy name

In this corner of the bestiary, you have a unique opportunity to find out how your name might sound in the languages of elves, dwarves, orcs and other fictional races and creatures. This is not a trivial random number generator. The names displayed on this page are meaningful. For example, elvish names are assembled according to the grammatical rules of Quenyi and other elvish languages, based on the meaning of your real name. In our difficult time of combining reality and virtuality, fantastic phenomena are innumerable. One receives signals from space directly to the brain, the other bends the armature with a glance and deprives of virginity at a distance, and the third escapes into a fantasy world created by his own, and more often someone else's, imagination, using fantasy names as his self-identifier.

In the world of fantasy games, nothing is impossible, but it cannot be denied: every successful story needs a protagonist with a memorable name. Luckily, our fantasy name generator will help you choose the perfect look for your future adventures full of mystery and magic. The fantasy name generator picks up a random male or female name when you click on a button. The database contains thousands of names, so the randomness of your choice will be at the highest level. You can also decorate the name you like, or add interesting words to it by making a unique nickname.

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