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Initially, her nickname was used as a name for the girl, which, in addition to the designation of this person, also had some meaning. For girls, nicknames were chosen that emphasized their femininity: usually it was the name of flowers, fruits or animals. In the course of life, nicknames could change depending on certain circumstances. Usually received in adulthood, the nickname reflected some peculiarity of this person. Sometimes the original meaning of such a nickname was lost, and this word already meant only a name and nothing more. Later, some of these nicknames were reinforced by tradition. The fact is that newborns often received their nicknames in honor of some other people, most often deceased relatives.

When there is no longer any doubt that you will have a little princess, future parents always discuss the urgent question - how to name the girl? For example, in order for their daughter to have a happy and prosperous life, many learn strong female names. If you are fortunate enough to become the parents of an adorable baby, and you are now thinking about how to choose a name for a newborn girl, study this list of names. Expecting the birth of a girl, future parents sort out female names, are interested in the meaning of this or that name - in order to name the girl euphoniously and in accordance with family traditions.

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