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Why do you may need a Random Last name

The ability to correctly name and write your first name and last name is a basic skill for anyone who plans to use English to achieve their goals in school or work. To introduce yourself to new people, fill out a form or register on the site, you need to know that first name is not the same as last name. What is the difference between them and how to use these words correctly?

Arriving in a foreign country, you may encounter a problem when filling out a migration card, let's try to figure out what First name and last name mean? First name means first name and last name means last name. As a rule, these terms are used when filling out questionnaires or registering. Last name - in addition to the surname, it can mean Surname or Family Name. In addition, the middle name can be the Middle Name, which is given to the born baby (it can just be a favorite word). This wording is used when registering on various foreign resources, when it is necessary to enter registration information. Often, the middle name is mistakenly entered in the Middle Name field, this is wrong. It is important that the spelling of the middle name in the document being drawn up completely coincides with the way it is written in the passport.

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