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Not sure how to name a character in the game or what name to give a page on a social network? Then you need a generator of random names and surnames! Right now, you can generate a random first and last name for free below. Random name generator is an online application that gives out, according to user conditions or randomly, the name and surname of a character for multiplayer games and social networks. Want to get a random name in the language you want? Just fill out the two-field form and the site will display one of the names in a huge database. You can specify which names you need female, male or universal. The database of random names is one of the largest on the Internet.

Welcome to the random name generator page! This is a great place for those who find it difficult to choose a beautiful name from hundreds of others. Each parent sooner or later comes to a happy and exciting question: how to name your child. Some people choose to give names after their grandparents. Others, in the hope of influencing the character and future of the child, move on to a careful study of the meanings of names and their origins. If the ancestor names are coming to an end, and flipping through the list of values does not bring any results, there is another option - use our generator! Random names can be needed both for writers to create high-quality foreign characters, and for surfers of social networks to register believable fake accounts. Reading popular foreign names gives you the opportunity to touch the pieces of their culture, and therefore in itself is a curious activity!

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