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Why do you may need a Random Fantasy name

A good book is not only about an exciting plot, captivating descriptions, lively dialogues and dizzying adventures. They are also characters that make the reader experience events with them. The heroes of the book should have “speaking” names. Especially with characters in fantasy stories. Reading books by other authors, people are surprised: how do writers manage to give characters such accurate, capacious names. The successful name of the hero is perceived as the name of a close, well and long-time acquaintance, to whose fate it is impossible to remain indifferent. Fantasy and science fiction have long been a source of unique, quirky and creative names.

If you are looking for a fantasy or sci-fi name, nickname or nickname, then you have come to the right place. Fantasy names and fantasy names are the names of the heroes of science fiction novels (fantasy). Popular science fiction heroes are a new source for names. Authors of science fiction novels and fantasy for the main characters, as a rule, do not choose classic names, but come up with new ones - unusual, exotic. Recently, more and more people are fleeing from reality to a fantastic and virtual world, created by their own or someone else's imagination. This is reflected in the art of imitation. Some people began to give children fantasy names (names of fantastic heroes).

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