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Why do you may need a Random Username

Currently, there is hardly a person in the world who does not use the Internet. Of course, if you do not take into account the geographic location, mentality or all sorts of restrictions imposed by the political system of some countries. The World Wide Web is used by everyone, young and old: for entertainment, communication, education, shopping or business. Regardless of the essence of being on a particular online service, in order to be able to perform any actions, you need a procedure for registering a personal profile. And the first thing that the newly-minted user of the resource faces at this stage is the creation of a username and password.

Login is the original pseudonym (also called a nickname) that identifies you in various Internet services. Social networks, forums, free email accounts, instant messaging tools - all of them will require you to provide a username and password. You can have one or several logins for authorization in various services. The login can be used everywhere the same, as a kind of brand, and the passwords must certainly be completely different in order to make it as long and difficult as possible to crack. Login (nickname, aka login) is your display as a person, presented in the form of an alphanumeric combination (maybe some other characters). Login - what is it? This is your unique name on this site, consisting of Latin letters and numbers. Sometimes you come up with it yourself, and sometimes you use the system prompts. In some cases, this role is played by an email address or personal cell phone number.

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