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The Redguards of Hammerfell were the last of the peoples inhabiting Tamriel to arrive on the shores of Tamriel. They quickly settled into the harsh desert that became their homeland, and managed to turn the state in the wasteland into a force to be reckoned with. The aliens brought with them stones of memory and a rich legacy in the form of epic stories that they were always happy to share. The ancestral home of the Redguards was the Yokuda continent. It no longer exists, but once it was a place covered with rocky steppe hills, on which a promising civilization flourished with developed agriculture, politics and military affairs. The harsh environment prepared the Yokudanese well for life in Tamriel. Yokuda's civil wars (from the fourth to the eighth century) served as training for the coming conflicts.

The human race currently residing in the province of Hammerfell. Their skin ranges in color from light brown to black, rarely with a red tint. Sometimes they call themselves Yokudan - the origin of the Redguards takes root in the mainland of Yokuda, which has long disappeared under water. After this incident, the Redguards sailed to Tamriel, conquered the province of Volenfell, renamed it and remained to live in it. Initially, there were very few representatives of the Yokudan race compared to others. The entire people was divided into two parties - Ra Gada (the warriors who conquered the province) and Na-Totambu (the most important and influential people), otherwise - the Forerunners and Crowns.

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