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Why do you may need a Robot name

A robot is a machine that perceives, thinks and acts. About ten years ago, I added the ability to communicate to these three characteristics, and now many people say that a robot perceives, thinks, acts and communicates. Good or bad, but such a definition makes us consider modern household appliances (washing machines, etc.) as robots. One of the definitions says that a Robot is a machine with anthropomorphic (human-like) behavior, which partially or completely performs the functions of a person (sometimes an animal) when interacting with the outside world. A robot is a mechanical intelligent agent capable of autonomously performing a certain sequence of actions. This sequence may not be known in advance, but is calculated during operation, for example, using artificial intelligence or using feedback. In practice, robots are usually electromechanical automata controlled by computers. Observing the actions of the robot, we can assume that it operates according to an algorithm that is as close as possible to the actions of a person in an identical situation.

Like many other great ideas of mankind, the concept of automated mechanisms capable of independently performing various operations appeared much earlier and has come a long way of its development. Most modern Robots (all three varieties) are Robots - manipulators, although there are other types of Robots (for example, information, walking, etc.). It is possible to combine Robots of the first and second varieties in one machine with a division of the time of their operation. It is also permissible for a person to work with Robots of the third type (in the so-called supervisory mode).

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