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In ancient Rome, names and their meanings were taken very seriously. The Romans believed that in them lies the fate of a person. They believed that if the ill-wisher knew the name, he could, with the help of magic, take a person's life. This is why slaves were forbidden to pronounce the name of their master. The boy received a personal name on the eighth or ninth day after birth. There was a tradition to give a personal name only to the four eldest sons, and the rest as a personal name could be ordinal numbers: Quintus (fifth), Sextus (sixth), which thus turned into personal names. Most of the personal names are of such an ancient origin that their meaning was forgotten already in the classical era.

Roman names have a rich history. In ancient Rome, people were very serious about how to name a child. There was a proverb that said names were not objects of agreement. For this reason, even the names of the gods were not spoken aloud. The priests were worried that the enemies would not use their knowledge and entice the gods to them. Slaves also could not speak aloud the names of their masters, especially when a stranger was nearby. The Roman male name consisted of at least two parts: a personal name (praenomen) and a generic name (nomen); in addition, there could be an individual nickname or the name of a branch of the genus (cognomen).

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