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The Russian and European anthroponymic systems have a lot of similarities. A person's full name includes the last name, first name and patronymic. There are additional forms of the name - a nickname and a diminutive form. In certain social strata, the use of a monastic name and pseudonyms is provided. Russian names carry the ancient Slavic energy. They were called by such names in order to protect them from trouble or to endow them with great health, great strength. In the ancient pre-Christian period in Russia, it was customary to name at birth. Russian names were selected for the time of birth, birth history, marital status, and were also associated with the desire to endow the child with certain qualities of character or physical form.

The Russian naming system is in many ways similar to the Western one. The main three components of a full Russian name are a first name (for example, Vadim), a patronymic (for example, Dmitrievich from Dmitry) and a surname (for example, Alexandrov from Alexander), but the full name is used only in official documents. In the pagan period in Russia, the names given at birth (from one name to several) were known, as well as nicknames assigned at a later age. Nicknames were given to a person in connection with his certain characteristic features or events that occurred. Today, parents choose a name for a newborn child, looking through more than a dozen options, study information about what a particular name can mean, what historical meaning it carries in itself. Despite the fact that the information about the name carries a certain further description of a person's life, his fate, vocation, at the moment this factor is taken into account in the last place. Although a small part of the traditions still survived to our times.

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