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Why do you may need a Saiyan name

The Dragonball anime is based on a manga based on Chinese novels. The main character is a boy who had a monkey's tail, Son Goku. He tries to find magical dragon pearls while studying martial arts. Sayans? This question will be asked by many people who have not seen the Dragon Ball anime. The Saians are a fantastic race that had a huge reserve of strength, due to which they survived. They existed and originated on a planet called Vegeta, all the kings of this planet were named the same.

Another race lived not far from them, it was very similar to people, they were closer to technology and moved along the path of civilization. Once (when no one expected) the Sayans turned into Oozaru and began to destroy everything, after which they stole all the technological, defensive and attacking inventions from their neighbors. They began to conquer other worlds. They became tyrants and could not get enough of either blood, or wealth, or unlimited power. The representatives became even better warriors, and therefore, when a child was born, the elders tested his strength. The strongest remained to live on the planet, while the rest were forced to roam the vastness of galaxies in space capsules in order to grow, gain strength and capture more and more planets.

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