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Why do you may need a Sci-Fi name

Science fiction is a genre in literature, cinema and other forms of art, one of the varieties of fiction. Science fiction is based on fantastic assumptions (fiction, speculation) in the field of science, including both the exact and natural sciences and the humanities. Science fiction describes fictional technologies and scientific discoveries, contacts with non-human intelligence, a possible future or alternative course of history, and the impact of these assumptions on human society and personality. The action of science fiction often takes place in the future, which makes this genre related to futurology. Science fiction is always based on a certain assumption in the field of science (from physics and biology to the humanities), which entailed a certain path of development of civilization. Sci-fi novels often take place in the future, but can take place in an alternate version of the present.

Many authors write science fiction because they are interested in how different science fiction phenomena will affect society or an individual. This can be called social or philosophical fiction. Other authors are interested in science and technology in and of themselves. They can see SF as educational functions. Such people often predicted future developments. But many people use sci-fi trails just for entourage. From realistic genres, fiction is also difficult to clearly limit. After all, technologies are increasingly penetrating our lives. Say, a fictional and extraordinary, but still a purely realistic story about astronauts - is it fantasy or not? Fiction or not - a story about the capabilities of the latest gadgets?

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