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Why do you may need a Screen name

Some come up with a complex unusual nickname, others, especially without hesitation, use their real name or a convenient set of characters, someone takes the name of their favorite character. But in any case, this choice is not as random as it seems. Sometimes a person simply does not consider it necessary to use a fictitious nickname, since he is open enough and does not need Internet anonymity. Coming up with a nickname is not an easy task. But each of us, I'm sure, coped with it brilliantly. Why? Yes, because he probably chose a suitable nickname for himself - according to his characteristics, character, and even dreams of an ideal self. Psychologists of our day claim that a person can literally be characterized by nickname.

I'm 90% sure that you know what a nickname is, but still, because of 10%, I want to explain what it is. Nick is the same as a nickname, a nickname, but on the network, including the Internet. Those. going out into the vast expanses of the Internet you need to name yourself somehow. Nick is your nickname on the Internet. People distinguish each other by voice, appearance - and name. The latter is also true for the Internet, where each person is just symbols on the screen, sometimes supplemented by a photograph. But even here there are some peculiarities. Real names are replaced by so-called nicknames or nicknames. The use of nicknames simplifies the communication of visitors on the network and helps the administration to control the site. Psychologists say that the perception of it by other interlocutors depends on the nickname. By choosing a nickname, a person can have an effect on people, both good and bad.

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