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Why do you may need a Shop name

The name of the online store determines its popularity with customers, your profit and, ultimately, the success of the entire business. Harmony is also a prerequisite. Brand name significantly influences how customers perceive it: Store name and quality of goods are the main factors influencing store image (according to research). Consumers are more likely to overpay for a brand if they like it (according to research). A striking example is the world's fashion giants, who, along with chic designer clothes, create (and sell expensively) basic things, where the main character is the brand's logo. And such a seemingly dubious offer is also in demand.

The name of the company or store is very important. It is difficult to argue with this axiom. In the business world, a whole line of activity has emerged that deals with the selection of a name, which was called naming. When opening your store, it is important not only to think over the assortment and calculate the profit, but also to find a good name for the new outlet. It should not only sound beautiful, but also bring real benefits to your business. The name of the store influences the success of the entire business. Recognition among consumers, their impression and attitude to the trademark depends on it. There are names that act magnetically on customers, and your task is to accurately find this tempting combination of letters or words, before which the subconscious mind of a person cannot resist.

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