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Biological species - a set of individuals with the ability to cross with the formation of fertile offspring; inhabiting a certain area; possessing a number of morphological and physiological characteristics and the similarity of their relationship with the biotic and abiotic environment. The species are isolated from each other, due to which there is no crossing of different species during reproduction. The most striking example of such isolation is the population of different types of different habitats. So, occupying their part of the territory, perhaps even on different continents or on different sides of mountains and rivers, the species do not interbreed with each other.

Two species living in the same territory cannot live in the same ecological conditions (ecological niches), one of them will inevitably displace the other. A species is a set of individuals capable of freely interbreeding and producing fertile offspring, similar in morphological and physiological characteristics, having a common origin, occupying a common area in nature and adapted to certain environmental conditions. All similar organisms, between which free crossing is possible, belong to one species. A species, unlike an organism, exists for a longer time. The lifespan of some species is estimated at thousands and millions of years. A species is a set of individuals who are united by the similarity of morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics, a common origin, capable of interbreeding with each other and giving fertile offspring occupying a certain area.

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