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Why do you may need a Stage name

Stage names are not used by anyone - musicians, actors, athletes, and dancers. The stage name will help complement the performer's image, allow him to build a stronger bond with his audience, as well as help the performer clearly distinguish between personal and stage - including his own life. Many creative people, starting their careers, think about how to come up with a pseudonym. There is an opinion that a pseudonym is needed to hide your real name and surname. However, this is not quite true. In the modern world, a pseudonym is often used in order to make your personal brand more sonorous and memorable, and also allows you to stand out among colleagues in the shop.

If someone plans to perform on stage, create journalistic articles or publish anything on the Internet, they do not need to sign their name at all. He can apply a stage name to himself. And subscribe to them under each of your work. For many people, it is not so easy to come up with a stage name. After all, it should not be just a word. And something very memorable. Something that sounds simple and concise. In principle, there is nothing wrong with a pseudonym, it is an age-old practice, generally accepted throughout the world. However, there are examples when the most popular and greatest performers successfully promoted under their real names.

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