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Why do you may need a Street name

How would you name the street on which you live or would like to live if you were entrusted to come up with a name for it? Is it important to you? All over the world, the principles of toponymy are approximately the same. There are several basic ways that streets are usually named. For large streets, avenues, the most common and, in my opinion, the most logical option: geographic. Where does this road go. Who and how comes up with the names for the streets? Why do some people get euphonious names, while others are given some difficult to pronounce or unremarkable names? Streets are also named for remarkable objects, in honor of significant historical events or historical figures. If a historical event or person is chosen, then it is obligatory - time-tested.

At one time, the names of the streets also carried a navigation function, serving as an additional reference point. Street names have become so firmly embedded in our life and have become its invisible component that it is impossible to overestimate their importance. And the point here is not at all about geography or landmarks, the point is different. For some, this is a part of their homeland, for others - the place of the first date, for the third - the main attraction of a city or country. Walking many times along the streets of any city, people do not even notice their names. Unless, of course, they need to find a specific building. However, the names of each of them can tell about a particular date, event, personality and even an era.

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