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The sword in the Middle Ages was not just a weapon. He was a symbol of the high status of a warrior who wore a blade on his belt. At first, this was due to simple economics - the sword was insanely expensive. Then the symbolic meaning was fixed. And even preferring an ax or a heavy spear in battle, for a holiday or a solemn ceremony, those who could afford it attached a scabbard with a sword to their belt. Then came the times of chivalry, and the sword acquired the meaning of a sacred object, the touch of which on the shoulder made a knight out of an ordinary person.

The sword at all times was the weapon of the nobility. The knights treated their blades as comrades in arms, and, having lost his sword in battle, the warrior covered himself with indelible shame. Among the glorious representatives of this type of cold weapon, there is also their own nobility - the famous blades, which, according to legend, have magical properties, for example, to make enemies flee and protect their master. The warriors considered their blades to be real comrades in arms, and they could not afford to lose him in battle, because this way the fighter would brand himself with shame. But the swords themselves are not spared by fame - individual blades have their own names, history and are even endowed with magical properties. However, no matter what legends such a weapon would have overgrown, sometimes its name alone put enemies to flight.

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