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Why do you may need an SWTOR name

It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of the Star Wars universe in his life. The Star Wars saga consists of seven films, as well as several cartoons, animated series, comics, and video games. In total, 613 million dollars were spent on the creation of films, and more than 6 billion 450 million dollars were collected worldwide. Star Wars has a very large number of characters. Names and surnames in Star Wars are not just first and last names. The world of Star Wars is full of all sorts of incredible characters with their own personalities and characteristics. And it's a great source of inspiration. The Star Wars saga is an entire world of the future, an expansive cinematic epic that encompasses numerous planets, alien races and massive space battles.

A huge fandom has long been formed around the Star Wars universe. Fans are fed with new pieces of history almost every day. Content literally pours from everywhere, which makes it more difficult to keep track of it every year: and not so much for Star Wars fans as for Disney itself. This gave rise to many inconsistencies, omissions, missing details - and these, in turn, a huge layer of fan theories. The official Star Wars are films, a couple of animated series and all the spin-offs that came out after George Lucas sold his studio. Everything that was released before this, moved into the rank of even licensed, but still fanfiction, which received the general name Star Wars Legends. Hundreds of stories were thrown overboard in one fell swoop.

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