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A tobacco-traveler, who can be met with equal probability on the busy streets of a large city, in the depths of an impenetrable thicket, desert sands or snowy valleys. His unquenchable curiosity and thirst for new knowledge are constantly pushing him into a new path in which he will not abandon an interesting company, trying to find a clue for himself for another adventure. Hailing from strange and distant lands, wandering tabaxis are cat-like humanoids who are forced by curiosity to collect interesting artifacts, record stories and stories, and inspect all the wonders in the world. Inveterate travelers, curious tobacco services rarely settle in one place for a long time. Their innate nature pushes them to uncover secrets and find lost treasures and legends.

Most Tabaxi remain in their distant homeland, living in small, close-knit clans. These snuffs hunt, craft, and to a large extent keep themselves in the circle of their own kind. However, not all tobacco companies are satisfied with this kind of life. The Feline God, the deity who created the tabaxi, endowed each of his children with one typically feline trait. Tabaxi, gifted with curiosity, tend to wander everywhere. They collect stories, artifacts and lore. Those who have experienced this period of wanderlust return home in their mature years to share news of the outside world. In this way, the tabaxi remain isolated, but always aware of the world outside their home.

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