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The Highmountain Tauren are a new allied race from Battle for Azeroth. Tauren are large, bestial creatures that inhabit the desert regions of Kalimdor. Their lives are devoted to serving nature and maintaining a balance between wild animals and restless elementals. Despite their height and physical strength, the lifestyle of the tauren is very calm and peaceful. But, nevertheless, being involved in the conflict, the tauren become terrible enemies for those who dare to challenge them. The leader of this people, an old warrior named Cairne Bloodhoof, who entered into an alliance with the orcs and helped them in the destruction of the Burning Legion. Since then, these races have become good allies, helping each other solve problems and celebrating victories together. Like the orcs, the tauren are now trying with all their might to preserve their lands and not lose their honor. Most of the history of this race is still unknown to us.

Tauren are similar to the mythical minotaur - creatures with a human body and a bull's head. Coated with wool, tauren are usually dark in color and tall, and also very strong and hardy. The tauren are just one branch of an ancient lineage that stretches back millennia into history. Even before the War of the Ancients and the Sundering, before the mogu and troll empires, the ancestors of the tauren were nomadic in the lands of central Kalimdor. Few in Azeroth have not heard of the tauren, a proud people of brave warriors and hunters who have long dwelt among the plains and hills of Kalimdor. Despite this, in most cases, knowledge about the tauren is limited only to fragmentary information about the participation of this people in the War of the Ancients and a few unfunny jokes.

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