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In ancient Rome, there were wooden structures, something like booths, called taberna, they were attached directly to the house and then they began to be used for trade, food, therefore, they turned into shops, pubs, shops. Well, the main significance of taverns is their status as catering establishments, for example, in Italy. There, in the tavern, you can easily get a drink. A tavern is a place of work where people congregate to drink alcoholic beverages and serve food, and (historically) where travelers received accommodation. a hotel is a tavern licensed to accommodate guests as guests. A tavern is a type of establishment widespread in the past, intended for dining and resting guests. Its indispensable attribute was a tavern (snack bar), and on top there could be rooms for rest. Visitors to the taverns were usually travelers traveling by horse or carriage.

Taverns are one of the oldest drinking establishments in the history of mankind. And although some taverns still exist, we believe that there should be many times more of them. People have been drinking alcohol for a very long time - so much so that even the Hammurabi Code, written around the 1750s BC, provides for the death penalty for diluted beer. Along with alcohol, places for buying and drinking it appeared in everyday life. Tavern - an inn, on the first floor of which there was a tavern, and on the second - a hotel for tired travelers and overcrowded visitors.

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