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The Tiefling is a fictional humanoid race from Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy game. Being a tiefling means constantly bumping into gazes and whispering, enduring suffering and insults, seeing fear and mistrust in the eyes of everyone you meet. The trouble is that the tieflings know the reason for this - a treaty made many generations ago that allowed Asmodeus - the lord of the Nine Hells - to contribute to their bloodline. Such appearance and nature is not their fault, but a consequence of an ancient sin, for which they, their children, and the children of their children will have to pay. Tieflings are the name of a race of people, in whose blood, in addition to human, the blood of a demon flows. Yes, this race came to us from the D&D game, and to be honest, I don’t know if there are any analogues of it in any of the mythologies, but I think that you, as always, here know everything better than me.

Tieflings descended from humans, and by and large still look human. However, their devilish heritage has left a noticeable imprint on their appearance. Tieflings have large horns that take various forms: some have twisted horns like a ram, others have long and straight horns like a gazelle, and others have spiral horns like an antelope. Tieflings grow up at the same time as humans, but live a little longer. Tieflings may not have an innate desire for evil, but many of them end up leaning towards it. Evil or not, an independent nature determines the chaotic alignment of most tieflings. Tieflings are the heirs of the surviving noble dynasties that ruled the empire. Their ancestry is infected with their diabolical connections, passing through the generations to their descendants. From many points of view, they are human; for example, they may have children with humans, but their offspring are always tieflings.

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