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Trolls - in Germanic-Scandinavian mythology and fantasy, strong, ugly giants, usually living in the mountains. In old German and Baltic myths, strong and ugly giants who live and store their treasures in the mountains. The first legends about trolls appeared in Scandinavia, their main place of residence was called large rocks and underground palaces. Ancient myths warned: a troll is an evil creature from which a person does not have to expect anything good. The fact is, trolls are of a completely insane variety. Each author seeks to breathe something of his own into the image of a troll, as a result of which they turn out to be completely different from each other and do not have an average fantasy image. Regardless of their size and habitat, trolls tend to be very strong and not very smart. In both British and Scandinavian folklore, trolls gravitate towards bridges and strive to rip off payments from passers-by and passing by, and they prefer to take from people of the opposite sex in kind.

In Swedish souvenir shops, trolls can be found almost everywhere. They are depicted as little men with large ears, a hook-shaped nose, sometimes they can be seen as a shaggy creature. It is believed that this fabulous creature has powerful magical powers and is a mountain spirit, and is also associated with the element of the Earth. The creatures are very ancient and wild, barking with great growth from 5 meters and more. Trolls are creatures from Scandinavian folklore (also borrowed from English folklore) and are some of the most common characters in fantasy and fairy tales.

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