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Why do you may need a Twitch name

People have played games for centuries, and throughout those centuries, games have had spectators. Although many people think that video games are such an intimate way of spending time alone, or for two, sometimes there are more people who want to watch the games than the players themselves. Modern online games have firmly taken their place in professional cyber sports. The variety of games, levels and players has made it possible to create the largest services for holding virtual tournaments between gamers. Twitch is a service that allows you to track the largest games and tournaments, thanks to round-the-clock broadcasts in various modes. Twitch is a real-time online streaming platform. In simple words, this is a site where anyone can start their own broadcast.

If you do not know about the existence of this platform, then you most likely only love to play computer games, but not to look at them and not to share your gameplay. In short, it is a service for streaming computer games. It is visited every month by more than 45 million users who watch the broadcasts of the gameplay of this or that game performed by about 900 thousand streamers, that is, users who not only play, but also simultaneously broadcast the gameplay on the network. can be used by absolutely everyone - esports studios that cover tournaments, bloggers, professional players and ordinary people who love computer games and want to show gameplay to other users, and at the same time communicate in real time.

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