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Why do you may need a Vampire name

The stories of monsters sucking blood from their victims are terrifying and at the same time attracted by mystery. In ancient times, all vampires had a repulsive, frightening appearance, but in modern literature and cinematic art they appear as attractive creatures with a huge set of positive qualities. According to the modern reading, vampires were once human, but became so after being bitten by another vampire. Their new form of life suggested that, having retained their human appearance, they were not completely living creatures: vampires are immortal, as a rule, extremely attractive and use their charm to seduce those whom they planned to sacrifice.

In the cultures of different peoples, there are legends about creatures of the night that feed on human and animal blood. Most of these monsters are classified as mythological creatures, but there are also real prototypes. To protect yourself from them, you need to know who vampires are and where they can be found in real life. Vampires came to popular culture in the 18th century from Eastern European legends, but similar creatures were mentioned in the legends of most other peoples. Who has not heard of vampires? It is now a fairly popular topic for dozens of films and hundreds of books. But where did this strange image of a blood-sucking undead come from, afraid of light, garlic, silver and aspen stakes? Or maybe they really were?

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