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A computer game is a computer program that serves to organize the game process (gameplay), communication with game partners, or itself acting as a partner. Currently, in some cases, instead of a computer game, a video game can be used, that is, these terms can be used synonymously and be interchangeable. A video game is a game that takes place on the screen of a video output device, such as a TV, computer monitor, or the screen of the console itself. What you play on your computer or console is a video game. In computer games, as a rule, a game situation is reproduced on a display screen or on an ordinary TV (in this case, computer games are also video games), but at the same time, a computer game can be sound, teletype or other.

In just three decades, games have completely revolutionized the entertainment industry and are now successfully competing with film and television, both in terms of the aforementioned entertainment, as well as in budgets and fees. Often, such games are based on plots from films, literary works, political events. You can also observe the opposite process, when full-length films are shot based on certain video games. Video games are defined based on their platform, which includes arcade games, console games, and PC games. More recently, the industry has expanded to mobile gaming via smartphones and tablets, virtual and augmented reality systems, and remote cloud gaming. Video games are categorized into a wide range of genres depending on their type of gameplay and purpose.

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