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The Vikings in the modern view are formidable and savage Scandinavian warriors who raided other countries and live only by robbery and plunder. This is only partly true, because the Vikings, like other ancient peoples, have their own rich history, religion and traditions. For the most part, these were tribes in the stage of decomposition of the tribal system, living in the territory of modern Sweden, Denmark and Norway, which were pushed outside their native countries by overpopulation and hunger. By religious affiliation, the overwhelming majority of the Vikings were pagans. Today we call the Vikings medieval sailors, natives of the lands where modern Norway, Denmark and Sweden are located. The Viking ships were very fast: 1200 km, which separate England from Iceland, were covered by the Scandinavians in just 9 days. Skilled sailors took into account the nature of the clouds and the strength of the waves, guided themselves by the sun, moon and stars, watched the birds.

Departing from their northern lands, the Vikings on their ships staged robber attacks on peaceful coastal settlements and traded with Northern, Central, Eastern and Western Europe during the period from the end of the 8th to the end of the 11th centuries, in the so-called Viking Age. This period of Scandinavian military, commercial and demographic expansion became an important part of the early medieval history of Scandinavia, the Baltic States, the British Isles, France, Kievan Rus and Sicily. Films and fiction have shaped the image of the Vikings, whom people imagine as savages in skin, leather armor, helmets with horns on it. But all this is the invention of directors and writers, in fact, the Vikings did not wear such hats, they were free farmers, they conquered neighboring territories, and built wooden drakkars.

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