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Everyone knows that the city and the countryside are places where people live. Settlements differ in population size and the area they occupy. In order to understand the intricacies of these names, you need to carefully study the features and differences. The village is a small settlement. The number of households ranges from several dozen to several hundred. Modern villages are trying to bring modernity to their lives, so they have various fields of employment that are not only related to agriculture. A village is a small peasant settlement that includes several dozen houses. In the village, people are engaged in agriculture, breeding of domestic animals, fishing and other types of handicrafts. Many people value the village as a place to relax, enjoy peace and quiet.

In a broad sense, the concept of a village encompasses the entire complex of social, economic, cultural, household, natural and geographical features and living conditions of the village as a socio-economic category, different from the city. The village provides a unique chance for survival. There is a land that feeds. Even in the complete absence of work, you can at the very least, but feed from the garden and forest. Moreover, with the current development of the Internet and communications, natural exchange has given way to sales, when money is wedged between potatoes and salt, tomatoes and tea.

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