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A villain is a person who plunges people into a state of fear and makes them do his will. At the same time, in people this fear can even sublimate into love for their tyrant and with enthusiasm, not sparing their own lives, they fulfill his commands. The most successful villains tend to exploit official authority and act strictly within the framework of legal law. Often, many writers underestimate the power of a villain when writing a script. In fact, the strength of a work is measured precisely by the strength of its villain. It is the presence of a good villain that is the main reason for me to get acquainted with this or that work. With the external variety of RPG and action villains, it is easy to divide them into recognizable types with specific traits. The presence of types does not in itself make the characters boring, but it allows us to predict their line of behavior and guess a possible ending.

Evil is a relative concept that does not exist outside the context. As in the old saying: What is the norm for a spider, so chaos for a fly. Understanding the difference, as well as being able to get a glimpse of the spider from his side, is the key to finding the industry's most interesting villain in the last thirty years. However, in order to find a truly interesting and memorable evil, one does not need to go far. It is enough to look at the list of key characteristics and try them on the familiar characters. The protagonist is opposed by the antagonist. Without it, the plot does not develop or turns into a sluggish, meaningless narration. The antagonist creates obstacles for the hero, thereby animating the text, makes the central character move, resist, fight and develop. If a person or some other rational creature appears in the image of an antagonist, then he is often called a villain, because he deliberately and purposefully harms the hero or seeks to destroy what is dear to him.

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