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The Warrior Cats is a world famous series of works by British author Erin Hunter. Hunter is a creative pseudonym and several writers work under him, whose cycles have already become popular all over the world. The series tells about the life of different tribes of wild cats and their endless adventures. Warrior Cats live according to the laws of the tribes established by their ancestors. They have to constantly survive, train, defend their territories. After all, there are enemies around - mountain clans, gangs of city cats and the people themselves, whom they call nothing but Two-Legs. The focus is on the tribes of wild cats living in the forest (all places are invented, although they have real prototypes). The tribes arose when small groups of cats came to the forest - not yet inhabited by predators and people - and began to inhabit it. Due to the lack of clear boundaries, fierce fights for territory often broke out between the groups, until after a particularly bloody battle, the spirits of their dead comrades appeared to the cats and bequeathed them to live peacefully. Thus, five tribes arose.

Before becoming warriors, cats must learn to fight, hunt and defend their tribe. When the kitten turns six moons, he leaves the nursery and becomes a squire. Squires must be trained by their mentors, hunt, go on border patrols with the rest of the tribe's cats, and take care of the elders, mostly by pulling ticks and fleas out of their fur. They love to have fun telling kittens that rabbit droppings are delicious berries. This is the most interesting fantasy I have read recently! The already published books have been re-read several times - and they do not get bored! Incredibly eventful, fascinating, dynamic plot, deep drama of situations, psychologism of characters, real tragedy (to tears!) Of some pages. Memorable favorite characters, intertwining destinies.

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