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Often, parents gave a name to the newborn, which would personify the qualities that they would like to see when the child grows up and matures. For example, male names for boys who were supposed to become protectors of the family, clan and community. By the way, this custom is adhered to in our days, when parents, before giving a child a name, choose a suitable one according to its meaning. Regarding the art of war, we encounter a certain cultural contradiction in attempts to explain how a warrior differs from a soldier or a fighter, since outwardly they are doing the same thing - fighting. However, these roles have fundamental internal differences and different patterns of behavior on the battlefield.

For a student, the only way to become a warrior is to live the life of a warrior every minute and every day.No theorizing or philosophizing, no talking or books will bring him one step closer to strength. Entering the Path of the Warrior, a person must clearly understand that following this path requires complete dedication. War is an organized armed struggle between states, nations (peoples), social groups. In war, the armed forces are used as the main and decisive means, as well as economic, political, ideological and other means of struggle.

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