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The tradition of giving a name to a weapon comes from antiquity: the personification of deadly weapons is both a tribute to respect and a certain conspiracy, making it closer to a soldier. In European and English mythology, it is believed that an entity whose real name a person knows cannot harm him. This is an extensive list of names for small arms including pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, shotguns, battle rifles, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, personal protective equipment, carbines, rifles, flame throwers, multi-barreled firearms, grenade launchers, anti-tank guns, and any other options.

Weapon is a general name for devices, objects and means, constructively designed to kill or render harmless people and animals and / or disable equipment and structures of the parties, voluntarily or involuntarily participating in any conflict. In general, military naming is a peculiar, specific and - very interesting - component of not only branding, but also international PR and positioning of the country on the world stage. But, with all this, military branding is poorly understood. The tradition of giving names to weapons based on their external similarity to any objects dates back to the 16th century. During these times, grenades were adopted by the French army. The soldiers, without thinking twice, gave the new weapon the name of a fruit - and they are similar in shape and its break into small fragments resembles numerous pomegranate grains.

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