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During the Middle Ages, and in modern times, the concept of a witch was somewhat distorted. Many girls who, according to the church, possessed magical powers, or even looked like witches, were burned at the stake. The reason was that they were mistakenly considered the successors of the devil, that such women bring only troubles to the earth. A true witch did not hurt anyone. She subtly felt nature, higher powers and could work miracles. A witch is a woman standing on the border between the human world and the magical world, with which she is directly connected, she more fully sees the world and the creatures inhabiting it. After the advent of Christianity and Islam, witches began to be treated with caution, and sometimes openly hostile. Although most people continued to turn to them for help, since the church could not solve all the pressing problems. And fearing the loss of absolute power and respect of the parishioners, the church began a persecution of witches.

According to the definition, witches are women who have magical abilities, are able to change events at their own will, influence others, and heal from diseases. Conventionally, two types of witches can be distinguished: black and white. The former use the help of dark forces, prefer the cemetery energy, the latter are fed by the forces of nature. It is believed that black witches tend to use their powers for destructive purposes. Fortune-tellers, shamans, clairvoyants, energy therapists - all these people today do not hide and do not hide their activities. Moreover, they are actively making money on it. Only now, an angry client will not be able to sue for a failed love spell. The activities of witches are not regulated by the scientific community or by law.

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