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The wizard works with the subtle materials of the natural elements and the other world. In her work she uses magic spells. The wizard does not have his own power, but by collecting the power of natural phenomena, the wizard can do good deeds. For example, he can change reality or influence events. Many people believe that a sorcerer, magician and sorcerer are the same words and concepts. This is partly true, since all these names are united by one word - magic, but is it really so? Is there a difference between these seemingly identical concepts? A wizard is a person who can draw strength from the other world or from natural elements. As a rule, the wizard uses spells, all sorts of magical gestures and passes.

We can say that this is a person who works with subtle matters, transforming them into the desired spell. At the same time, he does not have his own strength, except for the resources of the aura, the wizard needs time and special knowledge to accumulate the resource necessary for magic. Of course, the power of the magic of modern people is much weaker than in the past. However, like the magic of imagination. The energy and consciousness of those were immeasurably stronger and cleaner. We are now crippled in this sense - we rely on the power of burning fuel and mechanisms, so we have weakened as unnecessary.

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